September 24th, 2017: Your Body/ Your Health

Your Body/ Your Health:
how to keep healthy and fit past 55...
The latest, evidence based medical information…the brain/gut connection, osteoarthritis, sleep, memory loss, hormonal imbalances, depression, weight gain, bone loss and how to keep your body toned, strong and flexible.

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October 29th, 2017:
How to Make Change? What's next for you...55&UP!

How to make change...what’s next for you…55& amp UP!?

How to approach these years with courage, confidence and concrete strategies; navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of new partnerships, loss of work relationships and status, grandparenting, parenting your own parents and much more…..
This session will be lead by Laura North…an experienced and dynamic coach who will guide us in a hands-on journey to making positive change in our lives.

You’ll also hear from Laurie Cooper…an extraordinary woman who reinvented herself after 55. She will share her journey and the challenges and joys of her new adventures.

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November 26th, 2017: Looking and feeling great

Looking and feeling great: how do you put your best foot forward? Color draping; hairstyles; make-up; fashion choices…image and self-esteem past 55.
 This session will be presented by leading television stylist, Tracy Richardson. In an intimate setting, Tracy will focus on your specific needs and questions.

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